Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 5

Welcome back Microblogarium readers! Today we continue our observations in Week 5 of the experiment.

Today's observations began with some new macrofauna (macro in my microaquarium, anyway :D), Annelids! I don't know where these guys have been hiding, but today they were all over the place!

Along with the many annelids, there were quite a few Paramecium hanging out.

These guys are unique for the green parts are chloroplasts they have acquired (Patterson 1996).

A rotifer was also spotted, but pictures were tough to get, he was in the soil for much of the observation.

A new find is Raphidiophrys.

This little protozoa was floating around near some paramesium and the annelids.

During observation, several vorticella were still present in the same area.

While I trying to capture Raphidiophrys on camera, he floated into the opening of vorticella, and was snatched up!

Finally, I spotted another diatom. It wasn't Surirella, from week one. This rod shaped diatom is difficult to identify.

Check back next week for my final observation!

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